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This Chrome Extension unblocks Streaming Services FOR FREE

StreamLocator just released a new Chrome Extension that Geo-Unblocks streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, DAZN, Prime and more…. for FREE!

For those of you who watch my video’s, you will know I am VERY passionate about StreamLocator. It Geo-Unblocks streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Peacock TV, BBC iPlayer and roughly 50+ more services!

Infact, I recently published an in depth review of the StreamLocator Hub. The review covers everything you need to know about StreamLocator, including how it works to unblock streaming services.

best vpn deal 2023

Well, StreamLocator just released a brand new Chrome Extension that allows you to fully unblock popular Streaming services within Chrome for FREE!

This is an AMAZING way to try StreamLocator from your chrome browser, if you are thinking of buying the hub to extend the service to devices like Android TV boxes, Firesticks, Roku’s, or any other device you use to stream!


I have NO IDEA why StreamLocator have made this free because this is a game changer and prevents the use of a VPN to unblock streaming apps.

Infact, its 100X better than a VPN because you do not loose ANY download speed at all!

My guess is, eventually the StreamLocator Chrome Extension will go paid in the future, but for now, it is free!

This is great if you are in the UK and want to watch US Netflix, US Prime, DAZN Canada/or Germany and many more!

Here is a screenshot of just some of the services you can unblock for free using the new StreamLocator Chrome Extension:

image 4 |


I have just released a video which shows you how to unblock all these services for free. You can watch it below.

If you like how this extension works, and want to unblock all the included services (and more) on your streaming device like the Firestick or Android box, you can purchase it with THIS LINK and get 12 months subscription included.

The video explains how to download and install the StreamLocator Chrome Extension and how to unblock the streaming services.

If it has added any value, or you found the video useful, please share the video across your social pages and return the favour by subscribing to my channel 🙂


As you know, I am a HUGE fan of StreamLocator and think this is a FANTASTIC way to ‘try before you buy’

Please share this post and help spread the word!

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Yes you guessed it, my names Lee and I run the LeeTV YouTube channel and the content on this site! I'm a BIG fan of streaming devices and work around the clock to bring the latest streaming news, reviews, updates, offers and downloads! Follow my social pages and never miss the latest streaming tips!

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  2. I have downloaded the app but cannot change location to the United States. The only choice I have are Canada and the uk, am I doining something wrong or what? I live in seaside,Ore, USA any help would be great. Would like to try before buying the hub.

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