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Best VPN’s to use for Streaming

With many choices, this post should help you find the Best VPN for Streaming. This page will help you unblock more content and find a cheap VPN for you!

As I am partnered with most VPN services, I have always get the latest VPN deals and discounts, especially where the Amazon Firestick is concerned.

This page will help you find the best VPN deal, and solution for you!

I will cover VPN’s for Geo Unblocking and VPN’s for Privacy!

Why use a VPN for Streaming?

Well there could be one of 2 answers here…. infact, I covered this in a video which I will link up below!

There are many apps, both legit, and illegal, that you may want to use a VPN for. Maybe you want to unblock more content on Netflix, or to remain anonymous when streaming….. hiding your IP address or your activity from your ISP, for example!

What ever it is your looking for, this page will give you the best discounts!

Watch this video to learn more:

Anyway…. with all that out the way, let’s get into the good stuff!

Best VPN for Geo Unblocking more content

So first, let’s cover VPN’s that are great for Geo Unblocking!

By Geo unblocking, I mean, accessing apps that only work in specific countries, or watching content that is only available in specific countries.

So without further a-do, here are my recommendations……

#1 – StreamLocator

StreamLocator - Best VPN for streaming

First, let me clarify, StreamLocator is not a VPN. Even though it is not a VPN, it is the best and #1 choice to use if you want to Geo-Unblock more content, or access country specific apps!

I have covered this many times in different videos, and will always be my number 1 choice for unblocking streaming services.

StreamLocator is the best choice for a few reasons……

Reason 1It is not a VPN, so you do NOT loose any ISP speeds at all. You can stream and download with your full ISP internet speed and not loose anything, which makes it great for 4K content!

Reason 2For the price, which in most cases, works out cheaper than a VPN, you also get a Wifi hub which you can run as a seperate network, and have just your streaming devices connected to it.

Reason 3You do not need to go into any apps and change your location like a VPN. The StreamLocator hub detects which app is being used, and will Geo-Unblock that app without any hassle!

Being in the UK, it is perfect for watching HBO Max, Hulu, US Netflix, Peacock and so on.

For those in the US, you get full access to BBC iPlayer, ITV hub etc, and this applies to any country around the world!

In my opinion, it is a COMPLETE game changer, and is the best solution for Streaming.

StreamLocator Deal and Price

PRICE : $83.88 US / Β£60.99 UK

INCLUDES : A StreamLocator Wifi Hub (Router) and 12 months subscription

Or, watch this video to learn more :

So that is my number 1 choice. Let’s move on….

#2 – IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is the most popular VPN for streaming devices simply due to the super fast speeds!

IPVanish VPN

There is no other VPN that can compete with the huge IPVanish download speeds. This makes it the perfect VPN for use on Android TV boxes or Amazon Firesticks.

One downside is, it might not work on the service you want to use it with, so do some research first, however if you are looking for a fast and reliable VPN to protect your activity, IPVanish is a great choice.

Why do I think IPVanish is the best VPN for streaming?

Reason #1 – They are the fastest! They recently upgraded to a massive 25GBPS network card, which no other VPN service can match, the next runner up is 10GBPS. This means speed isn’t impacted by traffic! They also have their new wireguard protocol which will make it more reliable, and even faster!

Reason #2 – It works with all devices, with an easy to use app, and whilst IPVanish is normally $10-$12 per month, as a more premium service, there is an offer that makes the price under $3 per month – of course this could end at any time. You can use this link to claim the offer price.

IPVanish Deal and Price

PRICE : $34.99 for 12 months (working out to $2.62 per month)

INCLUDES : Unlimited connections + option for secure cloud storage

Or, watch this IPVanish review to learn more:

#3 – IvacyVPN

IvacyVPN is another popular choice for Geo-Unblocking content by alot of streamers, especially users of the Amazon Firestick.

IvacyVPN - Best VPN for streaming?

Ivacy pretty much support all devices, and that includes smartphones, tablets, Amazon Firestick’s or Android TV boxes. The app is minimal, clean and very easy to use with more than enough countries or locations to choose from!

IvacyVPN are a popular choice for 2 main reasons…..

Reason #1 They are cheap! When you take a 5 year plan, it works out at roughly $1 a month! That is VERY cheap and is still cheaper than most other VPN’s yearly price! After buying, you are also covered for 5 years!

Reason #2They actually work! Unlike some VPN’s, Ivacy works with streaming services like Disney+, Peacock etc. Whilst IPVanish is a popular choice for speed, unfortunately, they don’t work with these streaming services, where as Ivacy does!

I have also covered video’s on Ivacy many times in the past, you can check it out below!

IvacyVPN Deal and Price

PRICE : $80 for 5 years (working out to $1.33 per month)

INCLUDES : 87% discount off the standard price + includes a free gift!

Or, watch this video to learn more :

Thats #2 done, so let’s move on to my last choice…..

best vpn deal

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