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How to bypass MLB Blackouts 2021. Using a VPN will NOT bypass Sports Blackouts!

This is the BEST way to bypass MLB blackouts in 2021. Whilst a VPN might help to bypass sports blackouts, this NEW method is a future proof method to bypass MLB blackouts and unblock more MLB games!

One of the most frustrating things about MLB are the MLB Blackouts. This is a big issue for MLB fans who face sports blackouts when it comes to streaming their local games on devices like the Amazon Firestick or Android devices.

First, we need to understand why this happens!

best vpn deal 2023

Whilst MLB is a major national (and international sport), even though they have their own app which broadcasts the latest seasonal games, the sad news is, the network providers tend to hold the exclusive rights to broadcast local MLB games.

This means, even though your local team may be a big game for MLB, you can only watch it on the local network, or cable TV provider within that area. This means, even if you pay for the MLB pass on the MLB app, you will not be able to watch your local team unless you watch it within that regional networks service.

Whilst this is bad news, there is a solution!

Yes, it is possible to watch your local team, or any other MLB game for that matter, regardless of your location. Infact, this will work for any international location. So, where ever you are in the world, you can now watch every single MLB match, local, regional, or national, from any state, country, or location, on any device!

bypass MLB blackouts 2021

MLB Sports Blackouts – what is it?

In this example, we will focus on MLB specifically.

What is an MLB Blackout?

You might face an MLB blackout if you try to stream your local team whilst using the MLB app – as an example.

Whilst the MLB app may provide access to all MLB games, you will not be able to stream your local MLB teams games.

This is because the regional cable television networks hold exclusive rights for the local MLB teams. This means you can only watch your local teams play on network television.

It is a great way to gain new customers to the network. Whilst this might be frustrating, it is also the reason the network TV provider pays for the exclusive rights. This means the only way to watch your local MLB team, is to pay the network TV prices.

Can you bypass MLB Blackouts on the MLB app?

The quick answer is yes!.

It is possible to bypass the MLB blackouts. This means it is possible to stream your local MLB team games on the MLB app. This also works on most streaming devices like the Amazon Firestick or Android TV boxes.

You can also bypass local MLB blackouts on most mobile and Android/iOS tablets.

Whilst you can use a VPN to bypass the MLB blackouts. Most VPN services are being blocked. So even though there is a limited amount of VPN services that MIGHT work with this method – the likelihood is, it will be blocked in the near future.

How to bypass MLB Blackouts

The best way to bypass MLB blackouts is by using StreamLocator.

StreamLocator is the best alternative to ANY VPN, and it unblocks over 55 streaming services around the world, regardless of the device or location.

StreamLocator supports MLB. This means, the hub will bypass any local sports blackouts, by smartly redirecting your connection to the MLB app. This method FULLY unblocks all MLB games, including your local or regional team.

Click here to read my review of the StreamLocator Hub.

By using the ‘smart DNS’ technology, the StreamLocator hub will essentially ‘reroute’ your connection to another location, which bypasses the local MLB exclusive rights, providing you full access to all MLB games.

The good news is, it is not just MLB that is unblocked.

The StreamLocator hub will also unblock over 55 different streaming apps, including international apps like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Hulu, DAZN, Netflix, Prime, and so much more!

And…. unlike a VPN, you will not loose ANY download speed, and will not face ANY VPN blocks.

It is definitely the future for streaming!

Infact, I have covered MANY videos about the StreamLocator hub. Here is an example :

Get Started

If you are looking for the ONLY recommended way to unblock MLB Blackouts, I strongly suggest checking out the StreamLocator website.

It’s essentially cheaper than a VPN, and you get a FREE StreamLocator Wifi Router!

It is the BEST way to unblock MLB sports blackouts in 2021. And is the best way to unblock most streaming apps!

Most VPN services are being blocked. Why face the hassle of opening a VPN app, changing location, and finding out the VPN you use is not supported on the app.

With the StreamLocator, there is none of that!

The hub will automatically detect the app that is being used, on any device, and will smartly unblock that app. This leaves your overall home network connection unaffected, making this the best, and easiest method to stop sports or MLB blackouts, and give more access to geo unblocked content around the world.

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