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LIST of Secret Downloader app codes to replace Filelinked

This full list of secret Downloader app codes is the best alternative to Filelinked at the moment! Use these codes in the Downloader app as a replacement!

With the recent news around Filelinked not working – many of you are looking for new ways to download apps to the Amazon Firestick.

This post should help get the latest apps for your streaming device.

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I recently published a tutorial which tells of the top 3 best alternatives to Filelinked. One of the methods was to use codes within the Downloader app. Similar to Filelinked.

What are Downloader app codes?

Downloader app codes are used to quickly access websites on the Amazon Firestick.

A downloader app code is entered into the Downloader app, which redirects you to a website, typically a download page to a streaming app.

Every Downloader app code is different and is a quick and easy way to download apps directly from the Downloader app itself!

Becareful when using Downloader Codes. As the sites are unverified, it is best to scan the apps you download with a virus scanner for your own security.

Downloader app codes to use 2021

List of Downloader app codes to use 2021

As this is a relatively new way of downloading apps, well for most anyway, there are not too many codes to use at present.

As time goes on, more Downloader app codes will be available. As new codes come up, I will update the list of Downloader codes below.

I have collated a full list of the most popular Downloader app codes to use as a direct replacement to Filelinked codes for now.

Here is the list of Downloader codes to use in June 2021.

This list was updated Thursday 24th June 2021.

  • VLC: 90315
  • MXplayer pro: 28474
  • Tivimate: 77923
  • Smarters: 40326
  • CinemaHD: 95612
  • FilmPlus: 45779
  • Syncler: 50310
  • Weyd: 16982
  • Ocean Streams: 41803
  • BeeTV: 86342
  • CucoTV: 76998
  • Nova: 70350
  • Teatv: 22596
  • UKTurks: 58701
  • Kodi19: 74975
  • MovieHD: 82664
  • Vivatv: 35949
  • Tubitv: 38720
  • Cyberflix: 49256
  • Strix: 60518
  • APKtime: 62337
  • Smart tube next: 14254
  • Cinema APK : 28009
  • Aptoide : 48157
  • IPVanish : 43871 – Get 12 months for $28 here
  • Kodi 19 : 35625 – Use my Nodi Fork instead
  • Stremio : 71893
  • Rokkr : 35861
  • Morpheus TV : 30504
  • Ocean Streams : 99317
  • Media Lounge : 75206
  • ES File Explorer : 73100
  • Mouse Toggle : 25628

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