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How to bypass DAZN ID verification to watch UFC

This post will teach you how to bypass DAZN ID verification to watch UFC. Use this tutorial to generate a DAZN age verification ID when accessing DAZN Germany.

If you have signed up to DAZN to watch the UFC on DAZN Germany, you will be asked to verify your age by entering ID details.

Many of you might not be located in Germany or Canada, so will be unable to generate an ID verification code to verify your age – but do not worry, you can follow this tutorial to generate an ID number, which can be used to verify your age, and gain access to watch UFC on DAZN Germany.

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DAZN Germany Age Verification (ID)

To access DAZN Germany to watch UFC, you will need to verify your age by using an ID card/code.

Whilst most people living in Germany might have ID’s, those of you based outside of Germany will face this issue.

Fear not, there is a website that can be used to generate an ID code, which can be used as age verification for DAZN Germany to watch UFC.

You do not need to use your real info, that is up to you.

How to bypass DAZN UFC age verification

How to bypass DAZN ID age verification for UFC (Germany)

To bypass the age verification block on UFC when connecting to DAZN Germany, follow the tutorial below. Credits to Nicky at StreamLocator for the guide.

Step 1 – Head to this site to generate a Codice Fiscale ID code (image below)

Step 2 – Select the option to use the Italian Fiscale code

Step 3 – Fill in the details, Any name is fine, it does not have to be your real name

Step 4 – Select a D.O.B that reflects you are 18 or above – in the Place of Birth type in Rome.

Step 5 – Click on the Generate button on the bottom. This will generate you a code on the next page

Step 6 – On the DAZN website, in your account settings, use CODICE FISCALE and enter the generated code – exclude all the spaces from the generated code and setup your pin.

You will then be able to create the pin and access the German DAZN.

How to bypass DAZN UFC age verification

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