best vpn deal 2023

Award VPN Review – The BEST FREE VPN for Firestick 2023

If you are looking for the best FREE VPN to use on Amazon Firestick in 2023 then you NEED to hear about Award VPN!

Award VPN for Firestick

As you know, I have ALWAYS told you to avoid using a FREE VPN on Firestick….. but why you might ask?

Well, simply put, the majority of FREE VPNs on Firestick are compiled from nulled source code online.

best vpn deal 2023

This significantly increases the risk of malware, viruses and vulnerabilities inside the apps! Not to mention the ONLY reason there are so many FREE VPN’s is because they all collect its users data to sell on for profit.

Just to add fuel to the fire, pretty much ALL the FREE VPN’s I have tried on the Amazon Firestick also use the generic FREE VPN servers which can be found online.

This means EVERY users on most of the FREE VPN apps are all using the same free servers, this is why they are all very slow, and will increase the chances of buffering, when streaming on the Amazon Firestick.

With all that in mind, I want to talk about Award VPN, and explain why this is a game changer, and in my opinion, is the best free vpn to use for Firestick .


What is the best free VPN for Firestick in 2023?

The best free VPN to use on Amazon Firestick in 2023 is Award VPN.

best free VPN for Firestick 2023

Unlike other free VPN’s, Award VPN does NOT collect or sell user data and does NOT use generic free vpn servers which can be found online.

Also, Award VPN is not compiled from the thousands of free VPN source codes often found from untrusted sources. Award VPN also uses it’s own private servers which makes it the fastest free VPN for Firestick I have ever used!

Award VPN is built from the ground up with a completely new and initiative way to offer free VPN servers without being intrusive to its users, or without selling any of its users data.

Award VPN also has a built in kill switch! – Brilliant!

What is Award VPN?

Award VPN is a popular free VPN for the Amazon Firestick.

Award VPN offers very fast speeds for a free VPN which prevents buffering issues on the Firestick.

Unlike other free VPN’s, Award VPN has a PIN system which grants FREE access to use its premium VPN servers for 6 hours. After the 6 hour access finishes, you can simply reconnect to another free vpn server by obtaining a new PIN system. There is no limits on the amount of pins you generate!

This is by far the best free VPN for Firestick I have seen simply because of the high speeds it offers, and because it respects your privacy. The PIN system is a fantastic way to help generate the revenue Award VPN needs to pay for its fast servers.

Here is an example of the speeds you can get for FREE:

Award VPN speeds

How to download Award VPN?

It is super easy to download Award VPN.

Award VPN is available for Amazon Firestick, Android / Android TV and windows.

They have confirmed they there will also be a version for iOS in the future. You can also download Award VPN on the Amazon App Store, Google Playstore, or from their website.

To download Award VPN on Android / TV / Firestick:

1 – Open Downloader app on Firestick (or Chrome on Android / TV)

2- Visit or use Downloader code 86243

3 – Find Award VPN (under featured downloads / VPN )

4 – Wait for Award VPN to begin downloading

5 – Install Award VPN and open the app.

6 – To obtain Award VPN Pin visit

7 – Enter PIN in Award VPN and enjoy!

Best FREE VPN for Firestick 2023 summary

In summary, the best FREE VPN to use on Amazon Firestick in 2023 is Award VPN.

The points I covered above justify my reasons, I really believe they got this spot on! I would NEVER usually recommend using a FREE VPN for streaming, but Award VPN is a game changer and it is surprisingly fast!

If you haven’t tried Award VPN yet, download it today and give it a go!

Please also help to share this post and spread the word!

best vpn deal


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