best vpn deal 2023

What is the BEST VPN ROUTER and how to get it FOR FREE!!!!!!

Watch the latest video from LeeTV – What is the BEST VPN ROUTER and how to get it FOR FREE!!!!!!

So I recently published a new video on my YouTube Channel. This one is called: What is the BEST VPN ROUTER and how to get it FOR FREE!!!!!!.

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best vpn deal 2023

Watch What is the BEST VPN ROUTER and how to get it FOR FREE!!!!!!

Looking for the best router to use with a VPN? I review this VPN router and explain to how to get one for free…..

Spider VPN are known for their service offering a reliable, 0 log Virtual Private Network with servers around the world. Spider VPN don’t claim to be the best VPN provider unlike IP Vanish, Nord, Express etc but they do offer something completely different!

If you are looking for a new VPN to protect your identity when streaming on Kodi, Firestick or free movie APKS then this is something that will 100% interest you as Spider offer their VPN router for FREE! Their subscriptions start at £4 a month with different packages available and are perfect to connect your Streaming device to protect your activity online!

✅ ➡️LINK :

It is a simple ‘Plug and Play’ Router with a built in VPN to make streaming, browsing or protecting your identity online, super easy!

✅➡️Check out the website :

Spider VPN is an innovative virtual private network company offering high-speed, ultra secure, exclusive VPN service with options to have a hardware router included with all of our low-cost plans. We strive to make all of our services simple to use with instant setup and easy to follow how-to guides for all devices.

Spider VPN offer a 7 day money back option with servers around the world! You can change country inside the router settings which also helps to Geo Unlock content like watching US Netflix in the UK or help to watch BBC iplayer outside the UK.

They offer a great service and is definately worth checking out!


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best vpn deal


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  1. on your speed test on this video you hit around 190mb with the vpn on. what is it when its off ? how much to u lose? im with another vpn with the vpn off i get 80/20 with it on i get 78/19 And only pay £2 a month

  2. hi Lee, I'm currently on a fibre connection, getting 70 down – 18 up speed's, what kind of a hit would my speed's take with this device (roughly), thanks man.

  3. I admire your honesty Lee matey and a great video review buddy 👍👍👍 can't wait for the follow up review simplepimple matey 👍👍👍👍👊👊👍👊👏👌👌

  4. Ordered one last night. Do you know if there's much configuration to do to have it running alongside my isp router. So only my box and laptop connect to The spider router and all my other traffic continues to connect through the isp router??? Good honest video!!

  5. cheaper just to buy something like nordvpn with your free isp supplied router. nord costs just 3pound a month for 6 devices. cheaper and more secure than an unknown supplier.

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