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Watch the latest video from LeeTV – DOWNGRADE Kodi 19 to 18.9 ⚠ FIX KODI 19 NOT WORKING 🔥

So I recently published a new video on my YouTube Channel. This one is called: DOWNGRADE Kodi 19 to 18.9 ⚠ FIX KODI 19 NOT WORKING 🔥.

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Watch DOWNGRADE Kodi 19 to 18.9 ⚠ FIX KODI 19 NOT WORKING 🔥

☑️Learn how to downgrade Kodi 19 to 18.9. This will fix the issues where Kodi 19 is not working.

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➡ Learn how to downgrade from Kodi 19 to 18.9

Due to the issues that will break Kodi 19 and stop addons working, many of you asked how to install the previous kodi version.

This video is the easiest method of rollback from Kodi 19 to 18.9 and will fix Kodi not working after 19 update.

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Yes you guessed it, my names Lee and I run the LeeTV YouTube channel and the content on this site! I'm a BIG fan of streaming devices and work around the clock to bring the latest streaming news, reviews, updates, offers and downloads! Follow my social pages and never miss the latest streaming tips!

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  1. Thanks for the downgrade, but I can’t find the link(s) you mention about excellent addons? I’d really like to put back the very wonderful Diggz Xenon I was so happy with and the NuMb3r5 portion for TV and Movies here in the USA. I’ve liked and subscribed to help you out. Could you help me out finding this build for Leia 18.9?

    On Kodi 19.0 I couldn't even get it to install Exodus Redux using the installation recommended by TroyPoint since apparently Exodus is currently down, and those were my only sources for movies and TV shows left available in Kodi 19.0.
    One problem, though : it wasn't difficult at all un-installing Kodi 19.0 and re-installing Kodi 18.9 BUT after I shut down my Nvidia Shield for the night, I woke up next day to find out that Kodi 18.9 had been automatically upgraded to Kodi 19.0 without any input from myself !
    To avoid that from happening again, before doing the changeover you have to go to Google Play Store, click on "Settings" on top right corner, click on "auto-update app" and select "Don't auto-update apps".

  3. Fantastic Mate! This was the first Link in my search for the answer, and it worked like a charm. I will now go back and watch your previous video on the subject matter! I used your method on an Android Nvidiot Sheil, which was NOT supposed to automatically update. I had the same problem on a Linux Mint 20, I did not realize at the TIME, it was automatically updated during the normal patch cycly. Oops! There was a nice rollback feature in the Linux, BUTT, I have discovered the same problems with the rollback on both the Linux & Android, like, it prevented Yahoo Weather, and none of the weather add-ons in the repository (Kodi) can I get to work, and no, I did not try the API Key required plug-in. I used my own build, so, I know that some addons that may use "beautiful_Soup" may not install. Thanks again, and now let me watch that other one!

  4. After I downgrade and works fine the next day it goes back to v19 even when I selected never to check for any updates. Anyone knows why and how to prevent it?

  5. Hallo Lee..can u please help. I cannot get to "your" page! I keep on getting stuck at browser and not straight to your link. And I am a complete and utter idiot when ot

  6. Lee thank you so much I really appreciate your video and the skill you have to solve problems of this nature. I now have my build back and Kodi is now working hopefully it will not try to update to kodi 19.

  7. Kodi suffers from coder rot. Where coders forget that the shit they do for the UI and internels isnt what every new person coming in is going to automatically know. This is why internal tutorials exist and why actual UX and user introduction developers exist. Something like "long press" at a random-ass menu to get a hidden contextual menu is in the far far reaches of unintuitive. C'mon Kodi, this isnt how you surpass PLEX, this is how you plateau and wonder why youre not more popular. Not to mention breaking addons via the irrational need to make your product number 1 version higher. Its bad development.

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