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DO NOT DISABLE Google Play Protect ⛔(APPS BLOCKED by Google)

Watch the latest video from LeeTV – DO NOT DISABLE Google Play Protect ⛔(APPS BLOCKED by Google)

So I recently published a new video on my YouTube Channel. This one is called: DO NOT DISABLE Google Play Protect ⛔(APPS BLOCKED by Google).

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best vpn deal 2023

Watch DO NOT DISABLE Google Play Protect ⛔(APPS BLOCKED by Google)

You need to watch this video BEFORE you disable Google Play Protect for blocked apps by Google!

Many apps are being blocked by Google Play Store including the Media Lounge app, and in some cases, apps are removed from Android devices.

There are videos showing how to disable Google Play Protect but this video explains why you SHOULD NOT remove or disable Play Protect!

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Yes you guessed it, my names Lee and I run the LeeTV YouTube channel and the content on this site! I'm a BIG fan of streaming devices and work around the clock to bring the latest streaming news, reviews, updates, offers and downloads! Follow my social pages and never miss the latest streaming tips!

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  1. That's only part of the issue tho, you've been able to select install anyway for a while, but the other day CyberF, Strix and a few other apps are being auto removed from devices … We need a work around for that really. 👍

  2. Respect man…. Exactly what I was saying to a few people about this you shouldn't turn off protect but you have alot of sheep on the net I got flagged for RedboxTV I heard a few bad stories about the app recently so I did a test myself with my own apps and the app came up with 3 red flags so Google were correct in this stage…keep up the good work my man

  3. I Hopefully this is not leading to blocks i just turn off notifications and it works if to much stuff saying bad apps gets to the point is annoying cause they don't like the apps on my DEVS

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