⛔SHOWBOX WARNING – Do not update!!!⛔

Watch the latest video from LeeTV – ⛔SHOWBOX WARNING – Do not update!!!⛔

So I recently published a new video on my YouTube Channel. This one is called: ⛔SHOWBOX WARNING – Do not update!!!⛔.

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Watch ⛔SHOWBOX WARNING – Do not update!!!⛔

Showbox warning – Do not update! There was an update pushed that FIXES showbox but I would strongly urge not to update.

NEW UPDATED VIDEO : https://youtu.be/pGtqTjonaRU

Showbox servers were handed over to authorities and it now asks for precise location and access to call logs and identity. I warned this in my last video but it seems people are still installing updates to the latest showbox dated November 2018.

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  1. I've seen and commented on many videos regarding this. People scanning it, people saying it's bad, people saying it's good. Regardless, people will do what they want, and that's perfectly fine. If you want to use it, by all means. If you don't, then don't. It's as simple as that.

    I personally will not be using Showbox because coming from my own professional and personal experiences, having taken Criminal Justice in college and personally had to deal with copyright infringement notices sent to me, here's how it goes.

    The lawsuit regarding Showbox was against all (the known ones) of the sites that were distributing the Showbox APK that people could download and use. The lawsuit concluded with an agreement, those of which aren't directly specified but we can assume it at least had to do with the sites going down and displaying the piracy warnings. Coincidentally the servers for Showbox also went down too.

    I went to college mainly for IT and have a pretty good understanding of how servers and hosts work, even ran a few myself. Simply put, if those websites were just a host to the APK file and were then taken down as part of the agreement, then there should have been no reason for the Showbox servers to have gone down unless they were being hosted through one of those site's domain carriers.

    Now Showbox is apparently back and working hit or miss with people as a result of an update. This update included the added permissions in order to see your fine location (within 100 feet) and your phone's identity (phone number, registration, etc). Coincidentally just a few days after the lawsuit was settled. Pretty suspicious but let's move on.

    There's a lot of people scared that the feds are now watching you and tracking you and will get you if you use this app. The only way any kind of authorities or federal agents are coming to your residence for using Showbox is if you were using it to download and sell it or distribute it for money, or in very large quantities. If you don't do that, you're 99% not going to any type of jail or prison.

    Just for the record, downloading and streaming from Showbox are the exact same thing. Downloading just keeps a "hard copy" of the movie file while streaming it only accesses it temporarily. Both require an IP address to access that file to download or stream it from the server, which is logged and can be traced, unless you use a good VPN, but those can be reversed. It's harder to find out but it's possible.

    For the average user this is how it would go down. The lawsuit was between the site distributors and copyright holders. What they asked for entirely, we don't know. Let's assume the worst here, and I've experienced this myself. If the copyright holders find out your IP address is being used to access content on showbox that you do not have a license, authorization, or a legalized sale of purchase with, they can gather that information and send it to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). These are the ones you gotta watch out for, especially since Showbox is now in the spotlight and known to be a piracy app. The ISP will take the information and evidence and determine if it is viable. If it is, you will get Cease and Desist letter in the mail. Along with probably a strike on your account. I had 2 strikes on my account at one point, not from Showbox but one from downloading a movie and one from streaming one, so don't claim that you won't get in trouble for streaming because you will. Take my word on it. This happened after the whole Pirate Bay fiasco. Yea it still worked and I wasn't caught before, but don't think you're safe now.

    Most major ISPs have a 3 strike rule, after that, they will shut off your internet connection and close your account, and you will not be able to use them again, not without an appeal or having someone else with a different identity claim to move in to your house and own it and then you might get it back under a different name, but that's a lot more work. Other smaller companies may have stricter or more lenient rules. Some may have policies that hands information over to authorities, you'll have to check for yourself.

    Simply, if you're going to use it. Don't be stupid about it. Use a good PAID VPN, preferably with cryptocurrency if you don't want to leave much of a paper trail. The only thing at risk is likely only your internet access so long as you aren't selling the content or distributing in huge quantities.

  2. I have already posted my experience in a replied comment but I think it's worth posting for all to see. A few days before Showbox stopped working I received a alert letter from my net service provider saying the movie production company had contacted them bc I had been flagged for filesharing. This was the first and last time I downloaded a movie from Showbox. It scared me a bit so I googled if this was some kind of a scare tactic and it's happening to a lot of people. I personally won't be using Showbox anymore there's too many people saying the same thing. And some internet providers are discontinuing people's net service until they watch a movie and confirm that they know using these types of apps are illegal. Maybe it's nothing serious, but I thought it was the right thing to do to share my experience.

  3. I've done a full Re-con no malware no tros the security purposes that's been ask are the same from 3 years ago your not track your monitor by your broadband provider that's unless your commiting a serious law breaking offense then they won't have to track he IP all info is on there server's, if we was all in a serious violation you would of already known by now, all they did was remove show bow from certain website's to scare monger well it hasn't work some hot shot movie producer cause this yeah right more like something else that something else I'm still looking for

  4. Dont listen to video bull shit advertising on app nearly all app s have ad s I no why fuck the video clip all of you s it blow s I watch baller s the rock d Johnson good tv show waiting for more ask for updates up to who ever updates I have works fine so now you can delete your video all app access your phone information I can stop this I No how nothing s impossible use vpn

  5. another clueless youtuber spreading false information its getting laughable the amt of these im coming across.I still had showbox installed and updated and was asked for NO new permissions which blows all this conspiracy rubbish out the water.Lets say just for arguments sake they were siezed and tracking you realy think it would still dish out the content which it does.

  6. Hi I have a question. I get what your saying. But surely if the authority's had hold of showbox why would it still be up and running? Why would they still be updating films and tv programs on it ?. Secondly I wanted to ask you what app I could use to stream onto my Samsung t.v. because show box streamed perfectly using the all cast app. On the other apps I can't stream to my tv can you help

  7. O my god you lot are thick. Do u really think no other sites are tracking us our ip address is enough to find us. Also u are like o I think it go dad what don't u know, well why should we trust u then. I've had no problems and guess what it never asked me for access to my contacts it never has only want to use my media video and photos. Now the other .app u are saying to use yes they ask for contact zion and morph, cotomovies so sounds like they all do it.

  8. people have to realise it is a civil case you watching streamed content do you think they will go after you for watching can you afford to pay the damages the costs that would be entailed to what they would get back will leave them with a huge hole in there profits and do you actually think they would let you watch streamed content aswell while there trying to catch you isnt that entrapment i for one i dont beleive it for a second maybe wrong they still wouldnt get a penny from me becasue i dont have anything lol and that goes for millions of people around the world.they are more likely to go after the makers

  9. We dont yet know if the information and servers were handed over to the athuritys. And the app was connected to a server thus it was already tracking people's ip address.

  10. So what your saying is? (Showbox) did not just comeback it just came back more (DEMONIC)😈😠 Learning everything about you! LOL 😂
    RIP Showbox the feds have it now they are using it to catch you LOL have fun😂

  11. Sorry but this is nonsense scaremongering. If you had the official showbox app installed prior to it going offline then running it again now will prompt you to update and it does not ask for any new permissions in the update.

    If you’re installing from new then just get it from a trusted source like Aptoide tv and there’s no issues. If you believe the “feds” took the service offline and then brought it back online again with a new client update to track people then you’re beyond help! Use a VPN, carry on as normal and don’t listen to this rubbish.

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