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Xtream Codes panel is now ruled ‘LEGAL’ But will it return in 2022?

Popular IPTV reseller panel ‘Xtream Codes’ is now ruled as LEGAL after a long fight against their seizure back in 2019. What does it mean?

Yes, I’m sure you remember when Xtream Codes was taken down by the Italian authorities back in 2019. It was a big shock to the IPTV community and of course the services and resellers that used it….. which was pretty much everyone!

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After a shock ‘take down’ by the authorities, the news and impact spread rapidly, leaving many IPTV users and sellers in the dark, and pretty much up shit creek.

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Since then, the owners of the popular panel service ‘Xtream Codes’ stood ground in a fight against their legal right to provide their services, and today, things took a turn, however this time, it’s in their favour!

The Court of Appeal of Naples affirmed, without fear of contradiction, that the business carried out by Xtream Codes LTD, from its inception (2015) to its forced closure (2019), CAN IN NO WAY BE ALLEGED ILLEGAL AND THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT MAKES ONE THINK OTHERWISE.

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Today they released a news update on their website. Here is what they said;


So we wrote on January 5, 2021, and, as promised, time begins to give the first answers.

The Court of Appeal of Naples, on August 3, 2021, issued an order , as a result of our lawyers appeal 

That said, the Court considers well-founded the criticisms made by the Defense in the part in which it censures the calculation of the profit arising from the offenses as performed by the judicial police assuming as a parameter the aggregate data of the billing for the sales and/or rental service of the platform in the years from 2015 to 2019. It should indeed be noted that, in acquiring the data in question, the Finance Police did not carry out any specific and detailed analysis of the beneficiaries of the services rendered by the company, limiting itself to a mere summation of the amounts of invoices issued in the years 2015 to 2019, thus ending up identifying the profit of the offenses as the entire amount of turnover produced by the company in those years.

This is a modality that could be shared only if one were to hypothesize that the company was created by the present appellants for the exclusive purpose of carrying out the actions that are the subject of these proceedings, only then could the entire activity carried out over the years be considered illicit, to the point of identifying the profit with the total proceeds earned. This is, however, a claim that has not even been put forward by the Public Prosecutor and that, in any case, finds no support in the investigative activity carried out, which, moreover, is contested by the party’s consultant.

The Court of Appeal of Naples affirmed, without fear of contradiction, that the business carried out by Xtream Codes LTD, from its inception (2015) to its forced closure (2019), CAN IN NO WAY BE ALLEGED ILLEGAL AND THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT MAKES ONE THINK OTHERWISE.

All of the revenue of Xtream Codes Ltd from 2015 to 2019, which was seized in 2020, HAS BEEN DEEMED LAWFUL BY THE COURT OF NAPLES AND WAS THEREFORE RELEASED.

The first step towards reaching the TRUTH has therefore been taken. A truth that we are obliged to share with you, since no newspaper, large or small, published this news even though in 2019, when our platform was shut down, tons of articles, including highly defamatory ones, were written against us.

Even the Guardia di Finanza itself, in a recent post at the end of May 2022, insisted on calling our company a “worldwide pirate platform,” even though the Court of Appeal of Naples made it clear that there was not the slightest evidence within their investigative activities to suggest the unlawfulness of Xtream Codes Ltd. Following the intervention of our lawyers, this press release, published on the official page of the Guardia di Finanza, was removed, as reported by the ANSA news agency

However, this is only meager consolation in light of the impossibility of stopping the “mud machine” that has been activated against us. But time will tell, and soon, we will get what we are owed for that unfair process that involves us, both in economic terms and above all, in terms of TRUTH.

You can read the full statement here.

What does this mean for Xtream Codes?

Well, of course this is BIG news.

Right now, we do not know what this means, but looking at the statement, they finally have a ruling in their favour which is deemed legal.

Does this mean they can restart their IPTV panel operation? Well, right now, I don’t know.

When we know more I will keep you updated. So make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel to learn more.

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