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WARNING – Is Brave Browser Safe??? (BIG NEWS)

Watch the latest video from LeeTV – WARNING – Is Brave Browser Safe??? (BIG NEWS)

So I recently published a new video on my YouTube Channel. This one is called: WARNING – Is Brave Browser Safe??? (BIG NEWS).

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best vpn deal 2023

Watch WARNING – Is Brave Browser Safe??? (BIG NEWS)

Brave Browser hit the news for deceiving customers by redirecting websites to affiliate links…… Is Brave Browser safe to use?

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I think Brave is one of the fastest and best web browsers to use for online privacy, but the recent Brave Browser news begs some questions!!!

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  1. Is it really all about privacy though? you have to provide your drivers license or passport to collect the earnings using it. So my ID is linked to my web browser now?

  2. What's difference between that and putting endless annoying ads when it comes to benfit?

    As long as they don't redirect me to random sites, why should I care?

  3. would you stop monetization on your video so we won't have to watch annoying ads. NO
    so we should not worry, google is making money from our data, braves policy is better

  4. I'm just here to see if it's safe and you're saying all this stuff that I don't even want to listen to I really don't pay attention, is it safe yes or no? I need answers > : v

  5. Brave doesnt work well in Hotmail. I can't view the contents of my email, nor can I create and send new email msgs. It can't find anyone in my address book, nor accept any new email addys. What's up with that?

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