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Here is how to turn off Android TV ads on NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Last year, Google started rolling out the new Ads on Android TV. Up until this point the Nvidia Shield was exempt. Here is how to turn off ads on Nvidia Shield.

Since the announcement of Google implementing ads on the Nvidia Shield, Nvidia Shield owners were exempt, and rightfully so at such a high price!

The sad news is, Nvidia is STILL bound by the terms of its agreement with Google, and the recent update brings an end to the current ‘no ads’ arrangement.

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As of this month, owners of the Nvidia Shield TV devices will soon start to see ads appear on the Android TV homescreen. Whilst this is bad news for Shield users, the good news is, we can turn off ads on Nvidia Shield devices….

It is worth mentioning, the ads aren’t exactly annoying. The ads you will see on Nvidia Shield TV devices are not like Google ads, and they are not intrusive. The ads are more content and service based. For example, some of the ads you will see will be for new movie releases on apps like Disney+.

Ads on Nvidia Shield

How to turn off ads on Nvidia Shield

The new Google ads, are called “Highlights” and are located in the most recent Android TV Home update.

  • So, in order to kill these ads, head to Settings.
  • Then select apps.Advertisement
  • Now select See all Apps.
  • You are going to need to select Show System Apps as well.
  • Now scroll down to find Android TV Home.Advertisement
  • After you have found that app, click on it.
  • Then click on “Uninstall Updates.”

This method will reinstall the previous version of the Nvidia Shield firmware and remove the Google Ad update.

Now, the reason why we say that this method will not work for long, as Google will (at some point) make it so that you cannot revert back to an older version of the Android TV Home launcher. This is a pretty common thing actually, and is done with most apps as well. It’s normally done for safety and security. But in this instance, it might be to force everyone to see ads.

There is likely going to be another way to remove ads altogether, which may involve some trickery. But as for now, it’s just this simple, which is quite nice to see.

None of us like ads, but it is a necessary evil. Ads are what keep the internet free, without ads, many of the things that we use and enjoy for free right now, would not be free. So keep that in mind here. It wouldn’t be surprising to see more ads pop up on Roku and Amazon Fire TV as well. Roku kind of already has them in the lower right-hand corner of the home screen. And those are pretty unobtrusive as well, as they are out of the way, and you probably don’t even notice them.

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