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Trigger TV – A new IPTV service BUILT for international streams

Trigger TV is a new IPTV service which offers access to a huge amount of worldwide Live TV channels, including VOD that works on most streaming devices.

In this post, we will take a look at Trigger TV.

Overall, this service seems very reliable with access to worldwide channels, I have not seen on other services, but we will cover them as we go on.

best vpn deal 2023

If you are looking for the best IPTV service in 2021, or want to try something new, hopefully this post should cover everything you need to know about Trigger TV.

So, let’s start at the basics.

Trigger TV - Sports

What is Trigger TV?

Trigger TV is an IPTV service that provides access to over 6000 live TV channels in HD.

Trigger TV also offers a built in Video on Demand service (VOD). This provides access to a huge library of Movies and TV shows, often new releases.

There are many live TV categories with Trigger TV, including Movies, Sports, Entertainment, Punjabi, African and more.

In this post, we have Trigger TV running on the Amazon Firestick, but it also works well on Android TV boxes, or any phone/tablet with Smarters.

What channels are included with Trigger TV?

Trigger TV provides access to a large amount of Live TV channels, most in HD. The most impressive thing about Trigger TV is the sheer amount of worldwide categories.

This could possibly be the best IPTV for international channels we have seen yet.

The live TV channels are worldwide. Here is what you get for your money when buying Trigger TV ;

Live TV Categories

  • All Channels (6350)
  • News (23)
  • Kids HD (35)
  • Canada HD (141)
  • Can-French (26)
  • USA HD (123)
  • USA Regionals 1 (1464)
  • USA Regionals 2 (200)
  • United Kingdom (59)
  • PPV Sports (MMA/BOXING) (58)
  • Sports HD (203)
  • Premium Movies 1 (88)
  • Premium Movies 2 (30)
  • 24/7 Shows (322)
  • 34/7 Shows 2 (392)
  • Music (177)
  • NBA (16)
  • NFL (18)
  • NHL (15)
  • MLB (19)
  • NCAA (College) (14)
  • Arabic OSN (462)
  • Latino (309)
  • Deportes (44)
  • Peliculas Premium (113)
  • 24/7 Horas (48)
  • Religious/Religioso (29)
  • Filipino (24)
  • Italian (79)
  • Portuguese (44)
  • African (530)
  • Caribbean (178)
  • Cricket (16)
  • Hindi (166)
  • Punjabi (66)
  • Gurjrati (8)
  • Urdu (29)
  • Tamil (23)
  • Telugu (41)
  • Malayalam (33)
  • Bangla (43)
  • Kannada (18)
  • Marathi (13)
  • Chinese/Vietnamese (26)
  • Persian/Fasrsi (48)
  • Israel (53)
  • Turkey (89)
  • Balkans (119)
  • German (29)
  • Greece (54)
  • Romanian (52)
  • Polish (37)
  • Netherlands (49)
  • Adults 18+ (54)
  • Uncategorised (1)

As you can see, the list is extensive.

This service is great for anyone looking for worldwide international channels. Trigger TV pretty much has them all.

Trigger TV Review

After testing the service, I must say, I am quite impressed.

Trigger TV has pretty much every category covered. The streams play great. I did not experience any buffering, even with using a VPN – which I recommend, not only to protect your activity, but to prevent blackouts or ISP blocks.

The app itself looks like a custom Smarters layout, but the colours and design are very nice.

The built in VOD with Movies and Shows works extremely well, and I had no playback issues when trying to load a feature.

Whilst the price is slightly more expensive than some other services, it is justified with the high quality amount of international channels.

Downloading and installing Trigger TV was simple, and it is defiantly a service I will be using. The PPV streams worked a treat, and I did not experience any buffering.

How to buy Trigger TV and Price?

There are 3 prices to choose from when looking to buy Trigger TV.

Click here to buy Trigger TV

You can buy either:

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months

Another good thing, is you can ‘try before you buy’. They offer 24 hour trials for you to make your own mind up.

Trigger TV prices

The website also explains how to setup Trigger TV, but we will cover that now.

How to setup Trigger TV

This setup guide will help you download and install Trigger TV on Android or Fire TV.

The setup is simple.

Step 1 – Signup to Trigger TV

First you will need to visit the Trigger TV website and purchase your chosen subscription

Trigger TV prices

Step 2 – Connect to VPN

This step is NOT mandatory, but I highly recommend it to prevent IP leaks, increase your security and privacy protection, and to prevent ISP blocks or blackouts.

In this guide, we will be using IPVanish.

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Open IPVanish app, login, and connect to your chosen server. We will be using UK in this guide.

IPVanish VPN

Step 3 – Download Trigger TV APK

Now let’s download Trigger TV.

1 – On your Fire TV device or Android TV box, open ‘Downloader app

2- Inside Downloader, in the URL bar, enter the Trigger TV APK Downloader Code : 43827

Trigger TV downloader code

3 – Wait for the Trigger TV APK to download and continue to install it

Trigger TV

4 – Click install

install Trigger TV

Now we can move to setting up the Trigger TV apk.

Step 4 – Setup Trigger TV APK

Now we will use the details we signed up with and recieved to login to access the service.

1 – Open Trigger TV and enter your name in the top box. Now enter your username and password credentials that were generated on signup

Trigger TV login

2 – Allow the app to Download the latest updates and EPG info.

Setup Trigger TV IPTV

3 – Navigate to settings in the top right, and choose ‘Player Settings

Trigger TV settings

3 – Select ‘Hardware Decoder‘ and save changes.

Trigger TV Player settings

That’s it!

You now have Trigger TV setup on your device and can continue to browse the Live TV and VOD sections.

Here are more screenshots of Trigger TV;

We hope you like the service and that this review has helped.

For more info, check out their website and let me know in the comments what you think.

You can also follow Trigger TV on Twitter for any questions.

best vpn deal


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