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Top 3 BEST Applinked Codes 2021

This post will showcase the Top 3 best Applined Codes to use as of June 2021. Whilst Applinked is still new, there are some codes you might find useful.

Applinked is a BRAND NEW app, and whilst it had some teething issues at launch, it seems a more stable version is on the horizon. With that in mind, most of you are already looking for the best Applinked codes to use!

I recently covered an article on Applinked which covered everything you needed to know. Since then, there are a few codes that were recreated and are worth sharing.

This post will cover the top 3 best applinked codes to use on devices like the Amazon Firestick or Android TV box.

First, I want to cover something that I I think is rather important, and something most videos seem to be ignoring….

The warnings from Anti Virus apps concerning Applinked…..

Applinked Code Warning

Before I go on with this post, I 2want to mention a warning you will find on the Applinked website.

When visiting the Applinked Website a McAfee warning will popup explaining that the website is marked as suspicious.

Applinked website warning: suspicious
Applinked Suspicious Warning

Whilst most of us know and trust the developer of Applinked, it is definitely worth noting that all the pages and apps on his website are still being flagged as suspicious for issues relating to .

We do not know the reason for this, but McAfee flags it for PUP‘s. A PUP means ‘Potentially Unwanted Programs‘.

image 1 |
Definition of PUP

The definition of a Potential Unwanted Program warning on Mcafee warns users that these are often made for a beneficial purpose, but also alter the security of a computer, or the computer users privacy.

This sounds very concerning, but again, most of us know the developer and consider his intentions to be legitimate, however, these are still warnings that should be considered.

Applinked Malware Bytes Warning

Applinked Phishing Warning

In addition to the warning found in Mcafee for PUP’s, there is also a warning issued within Malwarebytes for phishing.

Again, I don’t believe there is malicious intent with this site, and most will claim these warnings are false positives. But for 2 different Anti Virus programs to warn of 2 seperate malicious warnings, it is definitely something the developer needs to address rather quickly!

Use Virus Total to scan APKS

Applinked Codes

Now that is covered, let’s move on to the Applinked Codes.

Since the recent update to fix most of the Applinked issues, some creators and such are starting to create Applinked Codes to test the ability of Applinked.

The Applinked Codes work very much the same as Filelinked Codes, except the lengths may differ.

You enter an Applinked Code into the Applinked app, and it will bring up a list of apps from that Applinked Codes repository.

Applinked Codes

As time progresses, more Applinked codes will become available. As it stands currently, there are not too many codes with much content. That is simply because of how new it is, and some are also still waiting for other upcoming apps like FileSynced.

In the meantime, whilst the amount of Applinked Codes grows, here are the current top 3 best Applinked codes to use, as of July 2021.

Top 3 Best Applinked Codes (July 2021)

I will try and list them in order of contents. The Applinked codes with the most amount of apps whilst be ranked higher.

Currently, there is only 3 Applinked Codes I could find. The additional codes I was going to include are no longer working:

Applinked Codes that no longer work

  • Zoom485 – Tested 6-29-2021 Not Working (The zoom485 has three APKs available including Deadpool and Media-Lounge V4.)
  • FreeTech – Tested 6-29-2021 Not Working
  • HiddenGem – Tested 6-29-2021 Not Working
  • Stn – Tested 6-29-2021 Not Working
  • 123 – Tested 6-29-2021 Not Working

Here are the top 3 best Applinked codes we found so far.

Best Applinked Codes Summary

Keep reading for a breakdown of each Applinked Codes!

5555 – FreeTech Applinked Code (33+ apps)

7777 – Doc Squiffy Filelinked Code (13+ apps)

8888 – Wot Box TV Applinked Code (6+ UK apps)

When more Applinked Codes become available, I will add them to the list. Expect this list to grow in time.

What is the best Applinked Code to use in 2021?

The current overall best Applinked code to use is the Freetech Applinked Code – 5555.

This repo currently has over 30 apps in there. These apps contain both original and modded versions of the most popular streaming apks like BeeTV, Cinema, Cyberflix and more.

#1 Best Applinked Code 2021

FreeTech Applinked Code #5555

Creator : FreeTech

Applinked Code : 5555

image 2 |

The FreeTech Applinked Code has over 33 apps in the store as of writing this post. The FreeTech Applinked codes provides access to streaming apps like Cyberflix, BeeTV and more!

To access the FreeTech Applinked Code, use code 5555 on the Applinked Website

The FreeTech Applinked code will be updated with more apps as time progresses.

Looking for more Applinked or Filelinked alternatives to use? Check out my video below;

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Thanks for reading!

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