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There is NOW a way to get Netflix 4K on Mecool KM6 (Tutorial)

This tutorial will teach you how to download a working Netflix 4K setup on the Mecool KM6 box running Android TV. Let’s mod Netflix!

It is now possible to get a working version of Netflix 4K on the Mecool KM6!

A video on YouTube by Izz Punyoo shows how to mod the Netflix APK to include your Android TV device number to by pass the Certification, essentially allowing you to watch 4K content within Netflix on the Mecool KM6.

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The initial mods and tutorial was published in an XDA Developers post by Dealaxer!

Warning : It is not as easy as just downloading the Netflix 4K modded apk, you will need to decompile the Netflix app, update the apk with your device ID then recompile it. Then it’s a case of transferring to your Mecool KM6, and you will then have access to watch 4K on Netflix.

In this post, we will show you the video tutorial by Izz Punyoo which is easier than a written tutorial as that might seem too technical.

How to download Netflix 4K on Mecool KM6

Here is how to download a WORKING version of Netflix 4K on Mecool KM6 devices.

netflix 4k on Mecool km6 tutorial

Netflix 4K on Mecool KM6 Prerequisites

Before we start, you will need a PC or laptop to mod the Netflix apk and you will need to download 4 files which can be found on our downloads page.

Download the following 4 files from the LeeTVStuff Downloads Page under the ‘Netflix Certifier‘ category.

*I have also modded a Netflix 4K APK (version 8.1.2 build 3844) to save you time! This is for MECOOL KM6 DEVICES ONLY WITH DEVICE ID : 19773 – You can download this on the Downloads Page

The files you will need to download to your PC or laptop are;

  1. Batch APK Tool
  2. Netflix Ninja APK (Mecool 4K Mod
  4. Netflix Certification Bypass

Now let’s move on.

Modding the Netflix 4K on Mecool KM6 tutorial

-Any uncertified device by Netflix

-You can insert any ESN number
-Google verification disabled

What works:
-Audio 5.1

*Please note, the video might direct you to another site to download the files, but I have added the files on this site to verify authenticity. Use the files above and follow the tutorial as normal.

Now follow the video below to mod the app on PC or laptop to fix Netflix 4K on Mecool KM6 devices!

Netflix 4K on Mecool KM6 tutorial

Credits to the channel for the work! Please subscribe to his channel to show your support!

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