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Amazon Firestick update see’s another Navigation menu tweak

The new Amazon Firestick UI has received yet another update to its User Interface. This is the third visual change that see’s a slight change to the Navigation menu on the Firestick UI.

New Amazon Firestick UI update

We are seeing huge amounts of users now having access to the latest Amazon Firestick UI which is currently rolling out to the Amazon Firestick 4K.

Since the roll out of the new Fire TV UI, there is now another update, this being the third UI change, that is aimed at improving the navigation menu.

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The latest change includes moving the “Library” tab out of the navigation bar and into the “Find” tab. This simplifies the navigation menu slightly, but, more importantly, allows for app icons to become larger and more legible.

Changed nav mneu on new Fire TV Interface |

First unreleased navigation menu can be seen on the left and Second version is on the right.

When Amazon first revealed images of the new Fire TV interface, the “Home” navigation menu item was on the far left. By the time the new interface actually reached customer’s devices last year, the “Library” tab had been moved from the far right to the far left. This reduced the number of clicks it took to reach your installed apps, which was a welcomed improvement.

Old top and New bottom Fire TV Navigation Menu |

One of the biggest complaint by Firestick users with the new UI, is the small app icons.

Coming from previous UI versions, many users prefer the large scale app icons as opposed to the icons found on the new layout.

Since there is now ample empty space to the left of the app icons, their size now seems to be restricted by the height of the navigation menu, which has not changed. The only other change is a new image used for the all apps icon at the end of the navigation menu.

Find tab on new Fire TV Interface |

As mentioned, the “Library” section of the Fire TV interface has been moved to within the “Find” tab. The “Library” section is where you’ll find your watchlist, purchased content, and rented content. If you have a Fire TV Recast, the “Library” section is also where you’ll now find your DVR recordings and DVR management options, like scheduled recordings, recording priority, and DVR settings.

Amazon have said they made these changes to the navigation menu based on customer feedback they’ve received, which indicated that larger app icons and a simpler navigation menu would be appreciated by a majority of customers.

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