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WARNING – Fake Nodi 19.2 released. Do NOT download

There is a FAKE version of NODI 19.2 released. Do not download the fake version. Here is everything you need to know about Nodi 19.2

This is the problem with streaming apps. It’s all well and good having new apps, but it’s just a matter of time before fake versions are released, and that is what’s happened with Nodi 19.2

With thanks to Cros Temptera – who informed me of this fake release, I wanted to warn you of a fake copy of Nodi that has surfaced.

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It appears there is a fake version of Nodi claiming to be version 19.2.

This is not the official Nodi update, and was not released by me.

Nodi 19.2 is not available for public release, and the current version is 19.1.2 which can be found via the official Nodi website.

Fake Nodi 19.2 released

To avoid promotion of the fake copy, or to help with exposure, I will not be sharing links to the app or the video, this post is more of a warning post.

I just released a video with an update on the situation and a guide on how to download the official Nodi app.

You can watch the video here; (don’t forget to subscribe!)

Download official Nodi 19.1.2

If you have not yet tried Nodi – you should!

Nodi is a fork of Kodi 19.1 which can be installed and run along side any version of Kodi.

It is a great way to run multiple setups, on a seperate themed version of Kodi.

You can learn how to download it in the video above, by visiting my Downloads Page, or use the download button below.

Download “Nodi 19.1”

Nodi-19-1-2.apk – Downloaded 21685 times – 73.30 MB

Please share this post and spread the news.

I do not want anyone to download any fake apps or suspicious apps that may cause damage, especially when the app is a clone of my work!

Stay safe folks!

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