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Everything to know about Applinked. Is this the NEW Filelinked?

This post explains everything you need to know about Applinked….. What is Applinked? How to download Applinked? Let’s cover the basics….

How to download and install Applinked

With the recent news around Filelinked going offline – Most Firestick users are looking for Filelinked Alternatives or additional ways to download apps to the Amazon Firestick or Android TV devices.

There was no denying that Filelinked was by far the best downloader for apks and such on streaming devices. And with it being no more, there are forks, clones and brand new apps popping up everywhere.

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The first on the scene is AppLinked.

What is Applinked?

Applinked is a file store for the Amazon Firestick.

Applinked is an alternative to Filelinked that allows Firestick users to download apps directly to the Amazon Firestick.

Similar to Filelinked, Applinked uses codes to access different repositories that contains different streaming apps and tools.

Applinked is developed by Inside4ndroid – a well known and skilled Android app developer within the streaming community.

Issues with Applinked

As you can expect with any new release of apps and services, sometimes, there are issues and bugs that need addressing, and that is no different with Applinked.

As we know, Filelinked was a very popular app with plenty of traffic.

It seems from the offset, Applinked had issues coping with traffic within the app, which seems to be related to the backend database.

I recently released a video on this that explains EVERYTHING about what is going on with Filelinked and AppLinked here:

These types of issues tend to prevent previous repo owners on Filelinked from creating any codes just yet until the app seems stable enough to cope with the demand.

No Applinked Codes

As it stands, because Applinked is brand new, there are literally just a couple of codes to use, and the codes that are created, seem to be broken.

As mentioned above, most codes had their content deleted which isn’t a great start, but no doubt the developer will get this issue addressed in no time!

Download Applinked

In addition to the content being deleted, you might also see a ‘Code Not Found’ error. Similar to the Filelinked issue. This is down to issues within the database which the developer is also looking to fix.

List of Applinked codes to use:

Here are the few applinked codes I found from FreeTechs Website;

  • HiddenGem
  • FreeTech
  • stn
  • 123

I will updated the list of codes to use on Applinked as they become available.

More Filelinked alternatives

In addition to launch of Applinked, there are other forks, clones and new replacements for Filelinked popping up.

Infact, we recently saw a new TEASER tweet from a new app called ‘FileSynced‘.

I have had an exclusive sneak peak at FileSynced and I must say, it looks very promising. I am close friends with the developer of the soon to be FileSynced app, so will have more information as it becomes available.

We can expect FileSynced release in the next week or 2.

How to download Applinked

You can download Applinked to the Amazon Firestick or Android TV boxes today.

It might be best to hold off until there are more codes and repo’s to use, and until the issues are fixed. Either way, you can learn how to download Applinked by following the tutorial below.

how to download Applinked

I’ve made it easy for you to download Applinked by adding it to my Downloads Page.

Download Applinked on Firestick

Here are the steps to download Applinked on Firestick.

Step 1 – Open the Downloader App

Download Applinked

Step 2 – In the URL bar, Type in and click the MENU bar at the top left of the page.

How to download Applinked

Step 3 – Choose Downloads Page

LeeTV Downloads

Step 4 – Navigate down and click on App Markets section and then scroll down and choose Applinked

Applinked Download Tutorial

Step 5– Scroll down the page and click Download

Download Applinked

Step 6– Wait for download to start and click Install

Install Applinked

Step 7 – Click Allow on the permissions request.

Applinked install guide

Step 8 – Done! You now have Applinked installed.


That was easy right?

Applinked Summary

It is great to see new ways to download and install apps on the Amazon Firestick and it’s impressive how fast Inside4ndroid managed to release Applinked for everyone!

As it stands, there are still some bugs that need fixing, and there are not enough codes to use it as a direct Filelinked replacement just yet.

As time goes on and Applinked gets updated and more clones become available, I am sure apps just like this will turn into something spectacular!

Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel for updates with finding Filelinked Alternatives just like this!

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