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Google have blacklisted the Applinked website due to even more malicious warnings. We have also removed the Applinked download from our site.

So, yet again, there are more warnings around the Applinked app and website. Google, DuckDuckGo, Brave and other browsers are once again showing ‘malicious’ warnings on the Applinked website.

A few weeks back, I covered an article around the Applinked suspicious warnings, these were fixed by the developer, but now there are more, and Google have completely blacklisted Applinked from Google.

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I have removed the Applinked download from my website until this issue is COMPLETELY resolved.

As this is a continued issue, until this is completely resolved, I have decided to remove the app from my website to avoid any website risk warnings through association.

Whilst I trust the developer, I must also consider by readers/viewers safety first.

Applinked Warning – Website Security Check

Applinked blacklisted by google

Above is a security check on the Applinked website from SiteCheck.

As you can see, there are no malware warnings from the Applinked website, but the website is blacklisted by Google.

We still do not know why this is happening. We can assume there is an app or un-intentional malicious code on the website. Although Applinked is now flagged with a new warning when scanning – we can assume it is a false positive, but we have to also consider the Google Blacklist.

Applinked warning on Brave Browser :

applinked warning

These warnings are now showing on Brave Browser, Safari, DuckDuckGo and Chrome.

I tweeted the warnings to the developer who has said “I shall get this sorted as soon as possible...”

Applinked Warning Video

I have also covered this in a video. You can watch the Applinked Warning video below – consider subscribing for more.

Applinked Warnings Summary

As I have said, I trust the developer.

Is Applinked Safe? – Well, untill these issues are sorted, I am removing the Applinked download link from my website.

You can download Filesynced and Unlinked from our downloads page if you want to try others.

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